Friday, 5 April 2013

Sea Glass

 "The only problem with looking for sea that you never look up. You never see the view. You never see the houses or the ocean, because you're afraid you'll miss something in the sand."

Quote from Sea Glass by Anita Shreve

I live near the sea.
A ten minute walk from the sea.
I walk my dogs on the beach.
I never find sea glass!

I love sea glass, the colours and textures, the romance ..... yes the romance! Where has it come from, how did it come to be in the sea, for how many years has it been tossed and tumbled by the tide, how many beaches has it washed up on and where in the world were they.

I read Anita Shreve's book Sea Glass and walked with Honora on the beach as she found the precious pieces and collected them all in the bowl in her seaside home.

I have sea glass, I keep it in a jar and love the way the sunlight makes the colours come alive. I had to buy the pieces I have as I NEVER FIND ANY ON THE BEACH!!

For anyone interested I get my sea glass from Back From the Beach. It is all found by Lynne Robertson, a very lucky lady who finds sea glass on her local beach all the time! She sells loose pieces, pre-drilled pieces for jewellery making and also makes amazing jewellery herself! She has an Etsy page here. Please go and take a look but please leave some for me :-).

But I still look and search, because one day you never know, one rough tide may wash some up on my beach (not that I own it you understand) and then I will be ecstatic.
I never give up hope!

Hmmm could I crochet a 'Sea Glass' afghan?


  1. It's so true what 'Anita Shreve' says about never seeing the view as you're too busy looking at the ground scared you'll miss a good piece of glass!

    BACK FROM THE BEACH - sea glass jewellery

  2. Lol Lynne, you have some gorgeous pieces so you must be very good at looking. I'm very grateful for that :-) Rowen x

  3. Sea glass is so magical and I think you must have to be at the right beach. Something about tides I assume. We go to the South Carolina and Florida beaches and I've never found any either. That doesn't stop me from looking though! When we went to Sanibel Island ( the shell capitol of the world) the call it "the Sanibel Slouch" cause everyone is stooped over. Thanks for sharing your pretty photos.

    1. Hi Jeanette, thanks for that, I'm glad I'm not the only one that can't find any! Lynne does say she is lucky to be where she is, on the East Coast of Scotland. I keep looking too, you never know! Rowen x

  4. Love the sea glass ♥♥♥


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