Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Another Completion

Have I mentioned that I am on holiday at the moment - for a whole fortnight! Whoop whoop! Soooo, lots of crochet getting done, well lots more than usual anyway :-)
Which meant that I decided to try and finish a few things, or work on those projects closest to being finished, if you see what I mean.
Now me being me, this sort of worked and sort of didn't! I did finish one project, which I am pleased about as to be honest I was getting bored with it and I wanted to do other things. This basic granny 'use up some scrap' blanket has been languishing in the depths of a bag for ages, and ages, and ages. Now however it is all finished (for the moment, I may add a border at some stage) and out in the sunshine.

I have to say I quite like it. As I say it was a scrap blanket and not all rounds were complete but when it is spread out it's not really noticeable.

It looks good scrunched up too and goes well with the chair I think.

Looks good on the wicker too. Can you spot my mistake? I haven't made covers for the cushions yet and forgot to take the plastic anti-dog covers off for the photo!
Hmmm this blanket is definitely growing on me.

On the subject of bags, and the depths thereof, where crochet projects lurk in the darkness, waiting patiently to be picked up and worked on, and if they're really lucky, actually finished! On the subject of bags, this is my latest one.


I love dragonflies and a lovely lady I know from Facebook made me this as a special order. I gave her the measurements and picked the fabric and not very long after this arrived. Just what I wanted, a lovely big bag to accommodate my latest yarn and project. So big thanks to Lynne of Dazlyn Designs,  she also makes lovely beaded jewellery too, I bought a lot for Christmas pressies and everyone loved them. Go and have a search for her and see.

A little peek there of a granny square from another project.

All the squares are made from the James C. Brett Woodlander which you can see in the picture in the picture. So they are all the same tones but each square is slightly different from the variations in the yarn.

I have 86 squares done so maybe it will be ready to sew together soon, that could take a while!
Love those dragonflies :-)

The bag has a lovely little elasticated pocket inside for my hooks or a pattern. At the moment it is holding my latest Attic 24 bag which just needs handles. Go to Lucy's blog for this pattern, if you haven't already got it. I suspect most crochet addicts have found it already!

So all was going well, one blanket finished, one granny square blanket nearing the sewing stage, a bag only requiring handles, my Blackberry Ripple which has taken a back burner for now and my Joseph ripple blanket which is still on the go! Quite enough to be going on with you may think!
Come on ladies, this is me we're talking about!
Only four projects to be finished!
Definitely room for one more!
So, here we go, a little wriggly worm bit of crochet in another bag.

Hmmm what could it be, well you will have to wait and see :-)


  1. love the new cover hun and thanks for the mention Lynne at Dazlyn Designs x

  2. Thanks Lynne and you're welcome x

  3. Could it be another blanket? You have some very lovely ones ;-)

  4. Hi Ana, you could be right :-) I will post some progress pictures when I get a bit further along, Rowen x


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