Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Old Glass

I like to collect old glass bottles, I prefer the bluey green ones but have also got some clearish ones, if I like it and can afford it I buy it.

 Some of them remind me of sea glass (more on this in another post) as they are worn from where they have been buried and rediscovered.
I search charity shops and car boot sales for them and sometimes get given them as gifts.
Some of them are quite expensive and I often can't justify the expense, so my collecting comes to a standstill until I find my next bargain. I think that makes the bottles I have more special and the collecting more fun. It wouldn't be the same if it was easy, if I could buy whatever I wanted, where's the thrill in that!

I would love some with the original marble stoppers but have yet to find one in my price range.

On a sunny day the colours look beautiful.

 I mess around with the groupings all the time. If you check out Sarah's amazing A Beach Cottage blog, she calls it 'foofing' in a recent post. Sarah is in Australia, although a Brit by birth and her blog is full of the most gorgeous photographs of her home and the surrounding area. Although at the moment she is travelling around Australia with Tourism Australia.

 I especially like the bottles with words on them and this is a favourite. It says POISONOUS along its length and NOT TO BE TAKEN around the top. I wonder what it held and for what purpose it was used! It doesn't show up well in the picture but it is made from an iridescent glass that shows purples, greens and blues when the light hits it.

This little bottle has EIFFEL TOWER FRUIT JUICES on the side. I found this when I searched on the internet.
To be honest I haven't researched much as I buy the bottles because I like them not because I think they might be worth something, but if I get time I may look more to see what I can discover.


  1. These bottles are so pretty! They do remind me of sea glass. I have a few of these greenish bottles too but I would like more. These would be a great thing to collect.

  2. Hi Jeanette, thanks for stopping by. I will have a post about Sea Glass soon as I love that too. I am always on the lookout for new bottles, we should collect together :-) Rowen x


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