Monday 29 April 2013


Just a quick post of a few pictures from today's walk and from my garden. I think I did quite well with the pictures from the dog walk as it's been very windy here today and everything was blowing about as I tried to take them! Very inconvenient! It's also been bright and sunny one minute and overcast the next, almost as though it was going to rain, though thankfully it didn't.

This is from a couple of weeks ago.

This was the same path today! What a difference! I need to take the same view in summer, autumn and winter I think.

My dog thought he'd get in on this one :-)

Lovely white cherry blossom.

Love the colours on these new shoots.

Lovely blue sky but the clouds kept scudding over the sun.

I love this lime green moss!

This is from my garden, the Pieris top and bottom right and the Spirea on the left you may remember from this post here. The middle right is a patch of Lungwort.

As always thanks for dropping by, see you soon :-)


  1. Just beautiful... the lime green moss is so pretty... Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah, it is :-) fit for a fairy to lie in, Rowen x

  2. Hello Rowen, It is amazing what a few days or a week can make in our woodlands when they get a bit of warmth and sun.. Lovely photos.. I absolutely love your face clothes. Lovely crocheting indeed... IS Diptic an app you can only get on a Ipad??? or is it available on computers??? Your photo shots are truly fantastic. Hugs Judy

    1. Hi Judy, thanks for visiting and for your very kind comments. You can really see the difference the sun has made in the two woodland path pictures, I'm glad I took them. The face cloths surprised me, I really like them and will be making more. I'm not sure about Diptic, I have only used it on my iPad, maybe someone else may be able to help if they see this, Rowen x

  3. Hi Rowan, I tend to go to the same walkways each season to capture the changes. It's amazing how different they look with just the different intensity of sunlight. The face cloths look great, I would be worried to use them and certainly wouldn't let my daughter with her black eye make up :-) Have a wonderful week. Chel


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