Sunday, 24 March 2013

Saturday Treat

On the spur of the moment I decided to have lunch out with younger son yesterday. My daughter was out with her bf so it was just the two of us. Not very riveting conversation with a fifteen year old who spends his time glued to his phone, but food was on offer so he didn't refuse! We went to a favourite Italian coffee shop, run by a 'real'  Italian, and had Bologna Panini. I had a Mocha Coffee and D had hot chocolate. It was all delicious and I think D secretly liked the idea that he had been out for lunch with me and C had missed out! Unfortunately sibling rivalry is rife at the moment!

I am trying to be braver about taking photographs in public, if Sue at Sweetpea Family can do it in John Lewis, go look at her stuning pictures! I'm sure I can do it too.

 D was trying very hard to look as though he wasn't with me and hissed 'What are you doing, why are you taking pictures?' then raised his eyebrows quite theatrically.

But do you know what?
The world didn't come to an end!
I didn't get thrown out of the cafe! The owner did give me a glance and probably muttered something in Italian under his breath about mad English women taking pictures of a Panini!
D didn't die of embarrassment!
So all was good and so was the Panini, in fact it was very good!

PS They also do the most amazing Italian ice-cream but as it was about 50 below outside (maybe a slight exaggeration but the wind was so cold it was skinning your cheeks!) we decided to leave it for another time, and another photo oppurtunity :-).

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