Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Coastal Colours

I tried lots of names for my new blog before I settled on this one. Some of my ideas were already taken, some I pondered over and then dismissed, some were just too darned silly! So why Coastal Colours?
Well I live on the coast, not the quaint fishing village kind of coast but the bright, brash holiday type of coast. But we do have a beach, a rather lovely beach. Ten minutes walk from me in the winter and rather longer when the holiday season is upon us.


love the colours of the beach and the sand dunes, natural washed out colours. Blues, greens and neutrals ......... blues for the sea and sky, greens for the sea and sand dunes, neutrals for the sand, sea spray and weathered wood. I usually seem to gravitate towards these colours in my home and in the yarn when I crochet. 
Recently though I am trying brighter colours and I think I like it. In fact I'm sure I do! I think it's because last summer was so wet and winter soon followed so that it seems to have been dreary for an awfully long time.

So Coastal Colours encompasses everything, where I live, what I love and what I hope to achieve. In my slightly scatty disorganised way of course!

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